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    Dynamic dashboard selection

    sudheer akondi

      What is dynamic dashboard in tableau? If we publish dashboard to server, it is possible to change the dimensions what we want which is similar to tableau desktop? how to proceed

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          amar savale


          Please find the below links for reference,if it is working then marked as correct or helpful.




          Link1:-Create Dashboard Layouts for Different Device Types - Tableau

          Link2:-Tableau Dashboard





          Amar D. Savale

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            sudheer akondi

            The above answer is not correct for my question. If I publish my dashboard or worksheet to tableau server, is there any chance for the user to change the columns or dimensions. For ex: If I have created a dashboard with sales and country, now I want to change the dimension sales to profit, then my dashboard will contain profit and country. 

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              Jambesh Mahapatra

              There are two things -

              if you just want users to change the dimension and measure and alter the original after you publish your dashboard Server -  Yes it should be simple

              They can just edit the dashboard using browser and drag and drop different dimension and measure into view (in this case profit and country) and then just save/overwrite .



              Create a Dimension and Measure selector using Paramter .

              Create two paramters (Dimension selector and Measure selector)


              Your Dimension Selector can contain Dimension like "State"/"Segment"/Category etc.

              Your Measure Selector paramter contain things like " Sales"/"Profit"/"Discount"


              Create two calculated field some thing similar(below is just an example)


              Dynamic Dimension :


              IF [Dimension Selector]="State"



              elsif Dimension Selector]="Segment"





              Dynamic Measure


              IF [Dimension Selector]="Sales"



              elsif Dimension Selector]="Profit"






              Now use these two calculated field in your view instead of real dimension and measure and show the two parameter control

              Based on what user select from the selector they will see the dynamic dimension and measure..


              Hope this help

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