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    Tableau and Kylin OLAP

    Oleg Vyglovskiy

      Hello everyone!


      I want to ask about connection between Tableau and OLAP generated by Apache Kylin.


      The Kylin's user manual ( Apache Kylin | Tableau 9 ) says that we can connect from Tableau to Kylin and use OLAP from it.

      But there isn't Kylin in Cube Data Sources ( Cube Data Sources - Tableau ).

      Where is the truth?


      I tried to find the answer on this forum (e.x. Re: Tableau and Kylin  ), but couldn't.


      Tableau Server Version: 2018.2.0. We will upgrade to 2019.1 soon.

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          Hello Oleg,


          The connection to the data source is leveraging the ODBC connector per the instructions linked. The CUBE data sources listed in the Tableau Online Product Help are ones that are named connectors in Tableau. They appear on the connection screen in Tableau Desktop when connecting to a new data source.


          So, where does that leave the Kylin connection? The Kylin connection as mentioned is leveraging the ODBC connector found in Tableau Desktop. This is provided to allow connections to data sources that Tableau does not yet offer a named connector and the data source has the ability to communicate over ODBC. Tableau offers limited support for these connections. The documentation for the connection to Kylin is for an older version. Tableau 9.x when the ODBC connector first came out.


          I would test the connection and review the Tableau documentation on ODBC for more information: Other Databases (ODBC) - Tableau


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick

          Community Manager

          Tableau Software