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    Selecting Pageviews for a specific article/month

    Marco Peters

      I have tried to wrap my head around this for hours but need your help now.



      • We have a website with news articles.
      • These news articles have always a unique publishing date, e.g. January 2019
      • Since these articles stay on the website for a longer time, Pageviews can also pulled for months after the original publishing date, e.g. February 2019, March 2019 etc.


      How can I pull just the data for a specific month? E.g, in my case I would like to pull data from:

      • Where data pull date is January 2018 (Date) and publishing date (Publishing Month) is January 2018 = 65 Pageviews?
      • Where data pull date is February 2018 (Date) and publishing date (Publishing Month) is February 2018 = 90 Pageviews?


      With my calculation, I get the total number of  Pageviews for 2018 = 110 for articles with a publishing date of January 2018, not the Pageviews for just January 2018 = 65. So my calculation is actually including both January of 2018/2019.


      Any help highly appreciated.