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    Use a date field in measure values

    Thijs Nijman

      I want to use multiple date fields in a measure values column, as I need multiple circle marks at specific dates projected on a gantt chart. When I drop the field containing dates on the measure values, the field turns red and displays the following message when hovering: This field Year of Datefield cannot be used here, a measure is required. However there is no way to convert it to a measure, I need the Exact Date here. The only thing I found related to this issue is this post here on Reddit. Which suggests it is not possible, however I have not found any formal response or documentation on why this cannot be done. Any suggestions?

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          Diego Parker

          Hey Thijs,


          Creating a Gantt Chart with multiple circles is definitely possible, however you approach may seem not to be the correct one. You should create a Gantt Chart first and then you can use a dual axis for the points in your different dates extracted with calculations.


          My team created this for a client last week using Tableau.




          If you want, you can upload your workbook as a TWBX and we may be able to help you in more detail.


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            Thijs Nijman

            Thanks for the quick response!


            Yes the screenshot you attached is pretty much what I'm trying to achieve. Unfortunately I cannot share a workbook as the data is confidential.


            I assume the way you create the circle marks is by having a variable with different dates in it for the same level of detail? The problem is that my data has rows with 3 specific date variables (ie startdate, mid, stopdate). IMO this implies my data is too flat for what you are showing, because I cannot aggregate these into one variable?