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    Ascending & Descending Sort for Parameter Selections

    Marc Levy

      There are three metrics in my Sort Parameter - (1) Cost Index , (2) Overall Condition, (3) Labor Scalability (see right side of dashboard).


      When I select "Cost Index" I would like it to sort the cost index figures on the right side of the dashboard in Ascending Order.  If I select Overall Condition or Labor Scalability, I would like it to sort in Descending order.  Attached is a sample workbook.  Ideally you could show the answer and then provide a brief explanation.


      Two other questions:


      - Could there be a button or parameter to allow the user to select whether to see the metrics in ascending or descending order?  If yes, could you show an example in the workbook?


      - I noticed a sort icon to the left of cost index.  I understand you can then scroll through for Ascending, Descending and Alphabetical.  But it's not user friendly and there are six options when selecting the drop down (shown in attached PowerPoint slide called "Sort Icon" for reference).  Any way to edit this?