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    Workaround for "unable to complete action no value found at key refline" error coimg in 2018.3.2 version

    fayaz khan

      Hello Guys

      I am using Tableau 2018.3.2 version but previously i am into 10.3 version

      I have done Sheet Swapping i my previous version in many Dashboard. When i upgrade to 2018.3.2

      i got an error

      "unable to complete action no value found at key reflines"

      The error message appears in a pop-up window when i select a mark.  However, all the actions appear to be working. 


      Now i

      Got a Workaround for this i

      remove ref line which i

      used to show totals in Stack bar and replace with a

      total calculated field. and put that calculated fiel into the rows and make it dual axis and for Total use Gant Chart and format it .