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    Adjusting Dates for Holiday's- Starting date at following day opening hours.

    Kielty Walsh

      Hello All,


      I've seen this issue talked about on multiple forums, however have not been able to crack how to solve for my case scenario.. maybe I have just stared at this sheet for too long, however desperate for new set of eyes!


      In short what I am trying to do is count the amount of minutes in between two dates that occur during working hours. I was able to get the calculations to solve for this, and account for weekends, however am running into a wall when trying to adjust for public holidays.


      Right now the data is linked to a sheet that identifies which dates are public holidays. What i need is a calculation that says if this date is a public holiday, then create a new start date that is the following day at 8am. The date add field has not been helping me, as I need to make sure the hour is 8am on the data piece.


      Let me know if you have any thoughts of what I could try... I have attached a sample worksheet.