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    How to create a waterfall chart where negative values come from filter exclusions?

    Andrew Lloyd

      I have a list of customers separated by Vertical (aka Industry) along with their sales and orders. I want to waterfall based on exclusion filters. For example, The first bar in the chart would be total customers. Then in the vertical filter, if the user clicked on one of the verticals (thus indicating they want to exclude customers of that vertical), another waterfall bar would appear as negative that customer count, and the total of course being the net. Then the user could click on an Orders Bucket filter and exclude all customers that have placed only 1 order. This would create another waterfall bar that negatives out these customers. etc etc. Is there a way to accomplish this type of dynamic waterfall instead of having a defined list of debits and credits?


      Basically, I have been doing customer analysis for marketing purposes and they want to see a waterfall of customers as certain groups are excluded. Maybe there is a better/easier way of displaying this data? Sample data attached.