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    Using a Filter from Primary Data Source on a Secondary Data Field




      The attached work book/screenshots encapsulates the problem that I am facing when I use a filter that is from a Primary Data source (Sample - EU SuperStore) on a field (Total Discount) from the secondary data source (Sample - Superstore).

      The filter that I have is Ship Mode which is from the Primary Data Source. So my expectation was that when I change the ship mode it should be updating the values accordingly, but it doesn't happen. See the screens shot-1 and 2 with ship mode selected as 'Second Class' and you can see the difference for the value 'TOTAL DISCOUNT' between them. I was expecting the screenshot-1 to have the same values for Total Discount as in screenshot-2. Would you know why that happens and what can I do to ensure the filter gets applied to the data from Secondary Data source.

      The attached workbook can be used to replicate the issue.