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    Not seeing new fields, connected to Tableau Server Published Data Source

    Jordan Lue

      Hello all,


      I have a Tableau Desktop file with a live connection to a published data source on Tableau Server. The data source is updated daily from an Amazon Redshift database.


      My Tableau desktop file updates seamlessly according to the daily refresh cycle, but recently new dimensions were added.


      These new dimensions are not showing up in my existing Tableau Desktop file.


      Can anyone please advise on how I can get the new dimensions to show up?


      I have tried refreshing hitting below buttons.

      2-12-2019 5-51-04 PM.png

      2-12-2019 5-51-17 PM.png



      I haven't been able to refresh using this button due to lack of permissions.

      2-12-2019 5-52-09 PM.png