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    Hide URL parameters ?

    Maciej Jarosz

      Hi Everyone,


      Is there any workaround to hide or freeze the URL parameters in the hyperlink I provide for end users ?

      The link sits within action once user click on specific scenario on the landing page then is navigate to the specific workbook which need to refreshed every time the user enter ( security reason to display data according to the user credential - live connection with DB). So it means I need refresh parameter set for 'yes' but I want to avoid any manipulation in the hyperlink like for instance set refresh by someone to 'no' and share the modified link workbook with others. It is put on risk in terms of data display because Tableau store the latest snapshot  and someone could potentially notice the data from different country ( Might happen when someone from let's say France visit specific workbook and then immediately someone from other country visit the same scenario without refresh functionality)


      End of action link I share with end - user:




      Your help would be really appreciated.