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    Need help to update the data in the workbook and not aware of the data source used in the existing workbook/.

    Saurabh Wadhwa

      Hi experts ,


      I am new to tableau . i have been working on qlikview for quite a long time .

      My requirement is to update the Tableau workbook (which was developed by someone else and he is no more with the org.)with the new data (nov 2018 ,dec 2018,jan 2019) .

      Existing one :

      what i have is the tableau extract and the tableau workbook with 3 months of data (May, Jun and Jul 2018 data ) and do not know the data source of it . so my query is , can i create the tableau extract with same name as the existing one and refresh the app as the excel files are same as the old one .


      I created the tableau extract with the same name as old one and refreshed the app but i got exclamation mark on some of the dimensions and did not work out .


      Please suggest me some work around since i do not want to create the charts again .