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    Creating Custom Values in Tableau or Grouping Values

    shekhar kumar

      Hi team,


      Recently I faced some challenges in Tableau,


      While creating Custom Values in a dimension  I could not able to achieve it as per requirement.

      Below you can see in Product category grouping we have 3 values . I want recreate the custom vales as per explain below.

      I have tried the grouping concept  but it failed.


      Current scenario:-




      Apparel & Accessories= Apparel + Accessories

      Apparel= Apparel

      Accessories & Hardgoods= Accessories+Hardgoods




      Expected Output be like this.






      Apparel   & Accessories Total
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          Tim Dines

          Can you share your workbook with us? 


          Have you tried making duplicates of Apparel and Accessories and using them in calculated fields?  I don't think you would need to group them.

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            Jim Dehner

            see the attached superstore example with just 2 groups -

            you need to create copies of the data - 1 for each new group - and union them together

            in the combined data you will have a field "Table Name" one name for each copy


            you then need to create a single calc filed similar to the one shown below




            if ([Table Name]='Orders' and [Sub-Category] ="Accessories" )


            ([Table Name]='Orders' and [Sub-Category] = "Appliances" )then "Acc - App"


            ([Table Name]='Orders$' and [Sub-Category] ="Accessories") or

            ([Table Name]='Orders$' and

            [Sub-Category] = "Art" )then "Acc - art"  end


            it will return something like this



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