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    Alan B

      Hi !


      I want to set an alert, so every morning if my treshold is above or equal to 1, I receive an email to advertise me.

      The problem is when I say daily at most, it doesn't send the email everyday it's true.

      When i said "As frequently as possible", I get an email when the extract is refreshed(every 2 hours).


      So any ideas about what I possibly misunderstand or what should I do?



      Nice day to you !

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          Matt Coles

          The alert running whenever the extract refreshed is by design, when you pick "As often as possible". So one possible solution is to simply set the workbook to refresh daily in the morning, when you want the alert to run, and pick "as often as possible".


          You cannot, unfortunately, schedule a data-driven alert to run at a specific time. But, you can make your ResultStatus field conditional on the time of day, based on NOW(). So another possible solution is setting your calc to return 0 whenever it's NOT within the morning period when the extract refreshes. So, something like:


          IF DATEPART('hour', NOW()) >= 7 AND DATEPART('hour', NOW()) < 9  // It's between 7 and 9am

              AND [your_alert_condition]  // whatever your real alert condition is

                  THEN 1

              ELSE 0



          ...would serve to suppress alerts outside the window you wanted to receive them in.