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    Multiple Custom Column Totals

    Yul Beauchamps

      Hi Folks,


      Quite simply I want to be able to add two 'grand total' columns.  One that sums the values for each Item for Shift A & B and another that does the same for Shift C & D.  This seems like it should be easy but it's completely eluding me.  I've done some searches but it doesn't quite seem to hit the mark.


      BONUS: Using the same data is there any way to add a blank row between the totals and the rest of the table?  Also, can you add a header above all 4 items?



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          Adrienne Tiley-Lerner



          It may not be the prettiest way to do this. But it does work.


          1. I made two copies of your worksheet.
          2. On one of the copies, I set the filter to only include Shift = A or Shift =B
          3. I removed 'Shift' from the rows shelf
          4. I created a calculated field containing the string 'Shift A&B Total'
          5. I put the 'Shift A&B Total' on the rows shelf
          6. Repeated steps 2-5 for shift C&D
          7. Created a dashboard.
          8. Placed your original worksheet, A&B Total and C&D Total on the dashboard.


          Just make sure to set the size of the dashboard.  Hope that helps!

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            Yul Beauchamps

            You're right it's not pretty but the end result is just about what I need.  Thanks!  You get so used to the functionality in things like excel that you forget not everything can do that.  I get Tableau isn't necessarily the best tool for tabular reports.   However, as we are heavily invested in the software for our presentation layer, management really wants us to make use of it.