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    Need help with Drill down for cross tab reports

    James Frick

      I have been asked to do a specific type of drill down I have not done before.  First, we are in 2018.1.7.


      Here is a screen shot, built in Excel, that shows what the exes would like:


      They want to see a Region report.  From this, they want to click on a Region with low sales, such as Region C.


      Then they want a separate sheet or viz to show them the Region District report.  they want to click on the lowest District, such as District 3.


      The next report to show would be the District Store report.  From here they can see that the store at 200 W Jefferson is the low store in this district.


      I did build a hierarchy, but they do not like the hierarchy.  They complained that:


      1. we have many more rows in the various levels, and they find it hard to read.

      2. and as one drills into the various levels of a hierarchy, it is hard to compare at a higher level, for example, to compare Region C, District 3, in the middle report, if the store rows are between the District rows.


      And pop ups did not help as they are not drillable.


      How is the best way to go about this? 


      Thanks for any advice,