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    How can we show diff value if we select "All" on a date filter?


      Hi Team,


      I got a situation where I have accumulated 'p.score' for each month and latest month has accumulated score for the entire year. Here is what I would like to see


      • When I select Dec'18: I should get the Dec'18 p.score
      • when I select Sep'18, I should get Sep'18 p.Score
      • But When I select ALL in month filter I should still get Dec'18 p.score as it is accumulated score.



      I found this LINK but it isn't much helpful in my case.


      P.score is patient level data as secondary data. more granular

      Primary data has month level data. less granular


      Due to HIPPA compliance I may not be able to attach workbook.


      Kindly provide me the solution.