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    Overlapping reference line values

    Developer Michael

      I am creating table based reference lines for a bar chart, max, average and minimum.  If the column labels are at the top or middle, they can overlap with reference line labels.  I was hoping I could move the reference line labels so that they don't overlap with the chart at all.  Is that possible?

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          Joe Oppelt

          Pick NONE for the label values.  Color the three lines differently.

          Then make a separate sheet that displays the three values, and match up the colors so that they correspond to the reference line colors.  Float that new sheet near your bar chart, and it will look like a legend for the reference lines.

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            Michael Ye



            Unlike labels for the charts in the view, reference line labels location cannot be adjusted freely by hand.


            You can only adjust label locations at the "Format Reference Line" window (Yellow signal). Select the Label which you want to move and format it. So my suggestion is: Move charts label at a reasonable location so it will not overlap with reference labels. Select avg, max and min separately, and arrange the location as top center, top left, bottom center, etc to make them not overlap.



            Hope it helps.


            Michael Ye.