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    side by side Combo Chart

    Chellappan Keerikkattu



      I am trying to build a combo chart.

      I have measure A, measure B & (measure B/measure A)%.

      I made a side by side chart using the first two measures and then added the line using dual axis.


      I want the third measure (percent measure) to be a continuous line rather than dots as it is now. Screen shot below.

      How can I get an unbroken line instead of those dots.



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          Naveen B

          Hi ,


          Kindly Check the below link it will help you out.




          This will help you out.


          Hope this helps

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            Chellappan Keerikkattu

            I found many articles trying to doing this. But none was clear to me and when I try to open some of the TBWX file. It gave errors connecting to data.

            Do you think it can be done easily on the data model I have attached.

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              Kaz Shakir


              You have probably figured out that the problem is because your x-axis values (the Month) is Discrete.  So, when you have a Discrete variable on the x-axis, Tableau shows all of the values as individual points, because it would not make sense to connect them.  The reason, with monthly data, like you are using, is that a line would imply that there are points in between the two points provided; but, in this case, there are not, there are only the two points.  So, Tableau correctly makes the assumption that you can not draw a line between those points because they are not connected, but rather that they are individual, discrete points.


              Now if you change your Month axis to continuous, you will get a line for the percentages, but, unfortunately, Tableau now breaks the chart up into three separate charts one for each measure.  Frankly, this is probably a better way to look at the information, rather than all three on a single chart, but I know most of us are used to seeing it all on one chart.


              All that said, how about if you try something like this instead:

              The full bar represents the total number of Ids, and the green portion represents the number that are active.  And then the percentage is shown on the label in the bar.  You could also combine it with the line chart on a dashboard, like this:

              Just an idea to be able to get the same information across, but in a different format. Workbook attached.


              Hope that helps.