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    Row-Level Security in Tableau Server Workbook with Web Edit

    Jordan Lue

      Hello all,


      In my organization, we have a data source published to Tableau Server where users engage with a workbook template meant to query the data source. The workbook is accessed and users are granted a web edit version so that they can create their reports.


      We recently added row-level security using a workbook calculated field, that leverages the ISMEMBEROF() function in conjunction with the user's Active Directory group to enable access. This is then used to filter the data source.


      The problem is that combining this functionality with the need for the users to web edit and create their own reports, is that they can delete the calculated field which removes it as a data source filter.


      What are my options here for securing the workbook? I have tried researching and moving the calculation to the data source level does not work since ISMEMBEROF() is read when user accesses the workbook. In addition, I cannot hide the field if it is being used as a data source filter.