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    Two data source compare

    Randy Demaree

           I have two different data sources that share a primary ID.  One shows the theoretical costs for a project prior to completion and the other shows the actual costs after receiving all invoices.  I'm trying to link the two to compare them on one nice sheet, but whenever I connect the two I am getting squared/cubed/higher exponential data.  It seems to be creating the cost for each cost of the other category.  How can I connect these two data sources and keep their information distinct from each other and still be able to compare them based off their ID?





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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Randy

          some of that depends on the data source and the data structure within the source -

          without seeing your twbx workbook and the data we can only take a best guess

          How did you try to link the data?   Based on your post it sounds like you have data that represents a "Total Project Budget"  and detailed invoice data that tried to blend the data

          A join would probably be better (only a guess) and then you would need to deal with the aggregation based on the data

          Please post your twbx workbook for a better answer


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            Randy Demaree

                 Unfortunately I cannot post any of the information in the workbook.  I was trying to Join the information, but it seemed to create too complex of a join which resulted in data being repeated.  The data from the databases is in such a way that a few different tables need to be connected to get helpful information about the project.  Then adding a connection from that database to the other which also is a few tables connected seems to cause multiplying data.