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    How to get all values, not only applied values, on a field (Tableau Javascript API)

    Emil Rånge



      I want to get all values on a Field/Filter with Tableau JS API.


      For example: I have a Field called Region that have the values East, West, South and Central.


      I have not manage to find a good way to get all these values. The closest thing is through the CategoricalFilter.getAppliedValues() but it only returns applied values and that does not always guarantee all values. (Of course I could save all values before any selection has been made, if the viz always start with all values applied, but that solution is not very good IMO)


      I can not find any method for getting all values through the Field Class either.


      An alternative solution would be to create a hidden sheet with filter that could always guarantee all applied values but that is not very good either.



      Do you know how I could get all values on a field?