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    How do I filter secondary data source without affecting primary data source. Using 2018.3.3.

    Matthew Cross

      Hi All,


      Please can you help?


      I have two separate data sources both on separate Access databases, one database contains the Market sales for a year and the other contains our company sales.


      What I am trying to do is show the Top N products for the Market (primary data source) with the Company Sales (secondary data source) alongside, this way I can see what our market share % is and also whether we follow the market trend. I would then like to view this information for each customer using a filter.


      The problem arises when I compare individual customer sales to the market, if I filter a customer, the Top N changes and only shows the market sales relevant to the customers sales. I would like the Market Top N to remain and show 0 where the Customer sales are missing.


      I have created this in Excel to show what I would like: -


      In Tableau I get this: -


      I have tried loading the data using a Market left join with 'Cat & Prod' as the join and I have also kept the data sources separate but both ways I get the same result.


      I have tried creating ZN(LOOKUP([Customer Units],0)) and {FIXED [Cat & Prod]:SUM([Market Units])} which both failed.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have run out of things I can try.


      I have attached the .twbx I have created as a reference.


      Thank you all!