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    How to Report/Log Incorrect values into a file or some place during data blend using tableau prep


      Hello All,

      I am using tableau prep tool for data blend.

      As part of data processing, in some cases, we will expect to see some incorrect  values in the input data and need to report them in a file or need to make flow is failed instead of suppressing  or filtering them.

      that means, I have a file which has around 30 columns and Need to perform whether all columns has an expected data. As part of that, I may expect to see some incorrect values/missing data which  I need to report to an user or make flow is failed. If encase, one /two values are incorrect them I can write that into a file using output process but in some case, there are may be many such incorrect values, some cases missing values, some cases, incorrect data which I need to report in same flow.


      I am looking for a ways to do that using tableau prep. Please suggest me best way to deal such use cases...