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    Tableau Server - moving files online - V disappointing user experience

    Richard Willis

      We're busy transferring over Tableau Reader onto Tableau Server.  I have to say the process is far from simple.  We've encountered a number of problems with this move; almost all of which appear to be avoidable.

      I will give a few examples:


      Tableau Server - only had $ currency but most of our numbers are in GBP.

      Simple tasks like renaming a dashboard isn't working properly.

      On a filter i can no longer select Some or All workbooks on a dashboard.

      Tooltip for a Group isn't working properly (i cannot use the Group within a Tooltip).

      I cannot re-order fields in a chart by re-sorting the legend.

      Some of my groups went missing when we moved the Dashboard over to Server so these had to be re-created.

      Dates are only in the US format and no option to change.


      All of these glitches are extremely annoying and all of them feel like they should be totally avoidable.

      We're paying a lot more for the Server option than before, but the functionality is worse.  Our end use customer experience might end up being easier (which was one of the sold benefits of the additional cost), but for those of us creating the Dashboards, this is a big pain and a disappointing user experience.


      We'll be sending over these examples to our account manager for resolution later today.