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    Using Tableau Drawing Tool To Create Dynamic Map

    David Carrero

      Hello Community,


      I am currently working on a visualization which requires a map for some buildings of my school. This map is planned to change colors with the power usage in KW. Currently, I am using the Tableau Drawing tool to draw out the shape of the the buildings and then using these coordinates (Latitude & Longitude) to plot then on tableau. The part that is challenging is getting the KW to change the color of the workbook, because the color is assigned to the shape ID. I will attach the workbook and the data just to clarify what I mean. I am using two sets of data, one with the data for the power usage and the other for the location coordinates


      I will be using this data in a server later to be able to refresh the power usage on the go. For now I just want to assign color to the power value.


      Here is the link to Tableau Drawing Tool: Tableau Drawing Utility by Interworks


      Thanks in Advance!