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    Level of Detail (LOD) Formula

    John Cusick

      Hello -


      I am building a viz and running into a wall.


      My rows are a med/surg type (no filters)


      My columns are measure values that display the patient count for my qualifier/filter,  the second field, i was able to find an LOD formula that will display the count of only the qualifying records, but ideally, i'd like this column to be the entire, unfiltered patient universe for this example (747,000) records. (image 2).  Is that possible?  Due to protected health information, i cannot provide the viz.  I appreciate any help that is offered up.  Thank you!


      formula in calculation1 column - { FIXED [HACs] : COUNT( [Enc - Patient Account] ) }



      image 2 (distinct count of records/visits/patient accounts with no filters