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    Format and sort


      I have done it many times. But now it is not happening.


      CASE [Date Granularity]

      WHEN 'Year' THEN STR(YEAR([Order Date]))

      WHEN 'Quarter' THEN STR(YEAR([Order Date])) + "  Q" + datename('quarter',[Order Date])

      WHEN 'Month' THEN datename('month',[Order Date])+" "+str(year([Order Date]))

      WHEN 'Week' THEN "Week " +str(datepart('week' , [Order Date]))

      WHEN 'Day' THEN  str(date([Order Date]))



      This is the formula for the parameter. I want to format and sort Month like: JAN 01, FEB 01, MAR 01..........SEPT 05, MAR 06, NOV 08 etc.


      Please help