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    clear a diagonal cell value

    Tanvi T

      Hi - I am a newbie to tableau.  In the example below I would like to clear the diagonal cells where the cat 1 and cat 2 overlap.


      Any help is appreciated!! thanks!!


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          Jim Dehner

          first welcome to tableau and the forum  please see the link Getting Started in the Forums

          it will outline how to get the most out of the forum - - one sure way is to always include your twbx workbook so we can see what you are doing - the data sources and the data


          you can try adding a filter   [cat 1]<> [Cat 2]


          it may work but that depends on the data structure



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            Joe Oppelt

            So much depends on what those marks are made with.


            If they are SUM([something]), you could create a calc like this:


            IF ATTR([Cat 1]) <> ATTR([Cat 2]) THEN SUM([Something]) END


            Where they are equal, tableau will default the calc to null.


            Display that calc in place of SUM([Something]) where you currently have it.

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              Tanvi T

              Hi Joe - this worked perfect but I see a problem based on what I have.


              I have a grand total column which is actually maximum value of the row values. with setting the diagonal values to missing, the grand total no longer calculates, I am seeing all missing. Any suggestions?


              the value is a sum(value).

              grand total is set  as maximum value of row values

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                Joe Oppelt

                At this point I need to see an actual workbook.  I made my suggestion based on what I imagined things were.  I made a good guess.  Now there are too many factors to guess at.  I need to work with something concrete.