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    Problem picking Top N

    Karandeep Malik



      I have a problem at hand where I have to plot the Top3 sectors with highest no of total investments made for 3 different countries. I calculate total no of investments by counting no of investments records. I have created the following chart which has Sectors listed in

      decreasing order of No of investments.

      Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1.12.02 PM.png


      Now, when I try to get the top3 , based on count of investments I get below






      Screenshot 2019-02-09 at 1.04.47 PM.png

      This is not correct as you can see for the case of country IND. The Top3 filter chooses same sectors for all three countries. this holds good for US and GBR but for India the top 3 sectors are Other, New, Search and Messaging and Entertainment. Need help