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    Unrestricted Ticket and not embedded data

    Marco Riggio

      Hi all,

      I would to implement a custom portal.

      My Tableau server is configured to authenticate users via OpenId, also I need to for retrieve content like the list of workbooks and use JS API for embed the dashboard.

      Searching on the community I found the "trusted authentication" but by default the ticket is valid only for embed views.

      In this post, in the Caution advice, it's say: "Although trusted ticket is good for accessing one particular view, unrestricted tickets create a normal user session when redeemed".

      Another way may can be use ticket produced by OpenId Connect.

      My question is: Can I use unrestricted ticket or the OpenId Connet ticket to make both request that I need? If no, there is another way to do that?




      Best Regard


      Marco Alessandro Riggio