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    Using "Action" in timeline view of activities on specific date/24 hr period - Issue w/view when "Action" not selected.

    Yelena Manukyan


      This is my first time posting in this forum and I am fairly new to using Tableau, however, have been able to learn many things over the past few moths. I am currently having trouble figuring out a solution to the issue I am encountering in the screenshots below. This is a sheet I am using an Action on from another sheet which populates the data in the first screenshot when I click on a specific person's name from a heatmap on the source sheet. What I want to happen when no name is selected is for the second screenshot not to have that "1/1/1900" date populate and instead have it all be blank. I only want the time of day populated when a name is selected on the source sheet (first screenshot is good when name is selected). When no name is selected on the source sheet in my dashboard, I am getting this "1/1/1900" date populating. I would be very appreciative if someone can help with this issue to remove the "1/1/1900" from showing on the sheet. Thanks!