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    How to Embed a Tableau Server Project or Folder view?


      I'm using Tableau Server 2018.2 and I've created a Start Page portal that has links (not embedded) to a number of different workbooks found in the same folder.  I thought it would be helpful for users to display their recently viewed workbooks on a dashboard tab.  Without digging into PostgreSQL data, I figured the simple way to do this would be to embed a link to the filtered Server view of workbooks with the "Recently Viewed" checkbox clicked on (as below).  The url for this is https://tableauservername/#/workbooks?recent=true.   The link works when I view it in Tableau Desktop but unfortunately the dash simply displays a white screen when I upload it to server.  I tried using some of the embed tags including 






      but they don't seem to work with an embedded project/folder link.  Does anyone know if it's possible to embed a project/folder view and if yes, are there url embed tags that work?