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    Colors for Non-Zero Values across measure names

    Daniel Lawrence

      Hello all,


        If I have measure names/measure values is it possible to have each measure name be a different color AND have a condition that all values <=0 are black.  Basically is it possible to include colors into the calculated field?


      I tried to utilize this thread: but it requires the specific element of the dimension to be referenced.


      I have attached a superstore example.


      My GOAL:

      I want to be able to keep a distinct color for the measure for all values >0 but for any displayed value <=0 to be black. 

      So in my attached example:


      Profit Ratio for Abilene will be black, but profit ratio for Aberdeene will remain baby blue. 

      Profit for Akron will be black, Profit for Alexandria will be Red.




      Thank you for any and all help!