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    App Open Divided by running total of users

    Quentin Servais-Laval

      I could not find an answer anywhere, my sincere apologies if it's been posted.


      Very simply, I have 2 tables:




      1Michael2018-10-12 12.00.00pm UTC

      2018-11-11 8.00.00am EST


      and app_open


      2018-10-14 8.01.00 pm EST1Prod
      2018-12-15 8.01.00 am EST2Test
      2018-12-15 9.01.00 am EST1Test
      2018-12-15 9.02.00 am EST2Test


      I would like, by day, the number of app opens divided by the number of clients that had been created at this time


      In the example above, I would have:


      2018-10-14: 1 (1 app open, 1 user created at the time)

      2018-12-15: 1.5 (3 app open on that date, with 2 users created)


      Can I do this easily in formulas after I create a data source where I join users and app_open on user_id? Or do I need to create a new table with custom SQL?


      Thank you for your help!