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    Unique Pins for Locations on a Symbol Map

    Jeremy Milkes

      Hello. I am trying to make a symbol map using custom latitude and longitude data. Certain points on this map are "hubs", and the rest of the points are color coded based on which hub they correspond to.


      For example, there are 3 train stations, and 1000 addresses representing people's homes. Station 1 is green, station 2 is red, and station 3 is blue. An address where the person commutes to station 1 would be represented with a green dot. I can do all of this so far. What I am struggling with is how to represent the station points with a different, larger shape than the home addresses. I added a custom pin shape to the repository, but I am unsure how to designate between a home and a station in a way that allows me to assign separate shapes and sizes to the two. What is the best way to accomplish this? Your help is greatly appreciated!