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    Conditional Shading of Discrete Measure Rows

    Adam Yansick

      Workboook attached. Tableau 2018.2


      I'm looking to see if there is a way to color the cells for "Percent" depending on if they are greater or less than 0. It does not have to remain discrete. I think the fact that we have the two measures sharing the axis prevents us from doing this, so the answer to the question may be "there is no way to do this", but I'm hoping someone has a workaround. The measures have to stay and they have to be dual axis. I need them to be different colors and marks, which I didn't bother to do in the attached, but have that done in the workbook I'm working on.


      Any thoughts here? We are also flexible for other ideas on how to show that value if someone has something clever.

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          Stephen Rizzo

          To the best of my knowledge you can't use conditional formatting on headers. A workaround if you won't need to scroll up/down might be to display the header as a separate viz in a dashboard with [Percent] as text marks with your conditional formatting applied. You could then display the chart with the headers hidden next to it with the same sort applied, using the formatting settings to remove any unwanted borders / padding.