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    Why Tableau executing multiple Queries when connected to HANA Cv View

    Raviteja Purama

      Hello Gurus,


      I have a tableau report which is built on 2 different Databases i.e Teradata and Hana.

      The data between the two data sources has been blended.

      As per the requirement, an action defined on Sheet1 where the source is Teradata shoud pass the values to Sheet2 and get the data from HANA Calculation View.

      The action is working fine and i am getting proper data.


      When i am executing  the report from Tableau server and checking the performance recording,

      the Tableau is executing multiple queries into HANA database.

      One query is like all the required dimensions and measures, and the 2nd one is like with only dimensions from HANA.

      This is increasing the compilation time and reducing the performance.

      Is there any specific reason on how it generates?

      And would like to know if there is any way to reduce the number of queries it generated automatically.

      I cant share my workbook due to confidentiality.


      Thank You,

      Raviteja Purama