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    Connection to JIRA via JDBC (Error:No suitable driver)

    Peter Halpin

      I've been trying to connect from Tableau Desktop to JIRA using this JQL + SQL plugin in JIRA and the Other Databases (JDBC) connection in Tableau. Unfortunately it seems that the driver is not being found/used by Tableau.


      I have tried connecting to the plugin using the JDBC driver via the command line and also from the example BI reporting tool mentioned in the Jira plugin documentation (bottom of the page). Both were able to connect successfully, however, it seems like it's not working within Tableau using the same connection details.


      I'm using Mac OS X and have placed the driver ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers/. I checked Tableau's log files and I think it does seem like Tableau is actually seeing the driver in the folder:


      2019-02-08T10:55:15.126: 69405-28ff84 MSG

      java.class.path=:/Applications/Tableau Desktop 2018.3.app/Contents/Resources/tabjdbc.jar:/Users/<myuser>/Library/Tableau/Drivers/sql4jira-jdbc-driver-1.3.jar


      But then when the connection attempt is made I get this:


      2019-02-08T10:55:15.911: 69405-28ff84 JNI-MSG

      java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

      No suitable driver


      Anyone any ideas for anything else to try? I also tried the connection with each different dialects selected as well but could not connect.

      Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 10.56.33.png