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    Publish dashboard to everyone

    Juan Pablo Delgado

      Hi everyone, I don't undestand how I can publish my dashboard into my webpage to be accesible to everyone, at this time my webpage shows a Tableau login view. I read a lot of forums and questions and people give some solutions, one of them are the guest user but for that I need Tableau server with a core-base license (Can I do it on Tableau Online?). Another solution is trusted authentication, for this I undestand that every Tableau dashboard would be accesible for everyone if it's on my trusted server, but I need Tableau Server too. The last solution is publish on Tableau Public but I don't want to Tableau logo be there. So, How can I show tableau dashboard in my webpage without login view?


      I'm currently working with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Online. If I should buy Tableau Server license it's fine.


      Thanks in advance


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