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    Tableau Questions (Power BI compatiability questions)

    Samik Pal


      I am an advanced Power BI but a newbie Tableau desktop user. I have few question regarding Tableau as I am trying to asses whether to invest time to learn Tableau at all? ANy help is greatly appreciated.


      1. The moment I export multiple data sources in Tableau, it assumes that a join needs to be performed if it finds a column with common values. Why is that?

      What if I want to do a multiple level of data transformation of my datasource1 and then connect it to datasource2 (for example performing subtotal of datasource1 before connecting to datasource2)? Can this be done ?


      2. Can I create sub-queries from a single datasource and connect the subquery to other datasources?

      3,  Can custom functions be created?

      4. Please correct me if I am wrong but from my initial exposure to Tableau I felt it only does row based operations (like DAX-Power BI) and not set based operations (like M-Power BI)


      Thank you in advance.