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    Dashboard Summary

    Tina Crouse

      I have a summary dashboard that begins as rolled up by my line of business which is an aggregation of Medicare, Medicaid, and MMP data elements. For this example let's say membership.


      I aggregate those 3 lines membership and see 1 bar for Oct 18, 1 bar for Nov 18, 1 bar for Dec 18. All aggregated. My leadership wants filters applied to say I want to see MMP only or I want to see MMP and Region West and Market CA. They want filters Region, Sub Region and Market added for drill downs.


      I added these filters but they are not on the shelf because it will make multiple bars appear and I do not want that. I only want at any given time one bar for each month. I am using tool tips and putting in label



      Sub Region



      Change to ATTR so I do not see the values associated on the bar graphs.


      <ATTR(Sub Region)>



      I now see an asterisk *. When they select West in the Region, the ATTR Region changes to West. When they select Sub Region 1, the sub region changes to Sub Region 1. When they select CA the Market changes to CA. Is there a way I can alias the asterisk to all instead of the asterisk?