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    To show 'access not denied' instead of 'resource not found' by using (embed=y) in the URL.

    Arpit Sethi

      Hi all,

      I want to publish a workbook on a server for some restricted individuals only. For instance, the link somewhat looks like http://tabserver/views/Date-Time/DateCalcs?:embed=yes&:toolbar=top&:tabs=n&:linktarget=_self

      -The above link shows ‘Resource not found’. However, I want to show User the message as ‘Access not denied’.

      -After scrutinizing, I realized that all the other functions in the above link without embed =y show me the message as ‘Access not denied’ which is the need of the hour. Now, whenever I put embed = y in this link the message comes out to be as ‘Resource not found’.

      -I want to use embed =y in the above link and display my message as ‘Access not denied’

      Can any modification be done to this link to show 'Access not denied'

      Any help would be appreciated.