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    Visualizing average lift in Home orders across two time periods

    Madeleine Mindling

      Hi there,


      Using superstore data, I'd like to visualize the lift in average Home orders by week across each of these bar segments: "Control" and "Exposed". Here's a good reference for what I'm trying to do:


      Lift Chart.png



      Basically, I'm trying to answer the question: Did we see a lift in the average 'Home' orders by order week (a dimension I included in the packaged workbook) after we launched a specific marketing campaign (the exposed period)?


      I'm assuming we'll need to create a LOD expression that averages the Home orders by week and apply it to each 'Control' and 'Exposed' group. 'Control' is the period before we launched the marketing campaign and 'Exposed' is the time period after we launched the marketing campaign. 


      Attached is the packaged workbook I've created. Let me know if you have any questions.