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    Filter Consistency

    Julie Lawson

      Hi All. Now that I have several dashboards and reports within a workbook (having ~80 data sources), I want to make them a little more elegant by only having to filter for 1 region or for only 1 hospital. Right now, there are several filters hidden on each dashboard and report, because they aren't all connected to the same data source. I've tried:


      1) Creating a parameter. Currently, this only works for my maps and only because I have a different worksheet for each view.

      2) Creating a data source for regions and hospitals, then blending each and every one. This doesn't work either. Calcs don't like the blending, and neither do several worksheets. Even when the graphs/charts/etc persist, they have skewed results.



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          Sean Miller

          What version are you running on? Do you have the ability to do cross data source filtering (requires version 10+)? This would require that each source have a [Region] and [Hospital] column.


          Best case scenario - the fields are all named the same across all sources. If so, great and everything will work by selecting the highlighted option in the screenshot.

          Not best case scenario but still doable - The fields are not named the same you will have to Edit Relationships manually for the other 79 sources to tell Tableau which fields match.


          Another option is to look into combining all sources together through a union (requires version 9.3+) or using a data prep product a la Tableau Prep


          Hope these options help

          Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 6.59.22 PM.png