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    Tableau and Oracle Essbase

    Cristian Tachouet

      Hi all!


      I'm having my first experience between Tableau and OLAP Cubes (in this case Essbase) and I'm known that there're some features that are not enabled and I'd like to search for a workaround.

      1. My client wants to create aliases for the Time dimension. The cube has its values as "Per01, Per02, Per03, etc." and they'd like to see that data as "Jan, Feb, Mar, etc"
      2. I'm known it's not able to create String fields in this kind of cubes. Do you know any MDX Calc or workaround to get Text fields? I'll need that for a couple viz they're requesting.
      3. Is there any way to change the name of the dimensions? Or at least create a field which gets its values? Since I can't create a Calculated field refering a Dimension


      Thank you so much for your support! If you need something from my end I'll glad to help!