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    Can Tableau Prep handle big files >12 M rows?

    Sam Johnson

      I am using a table from a Neteeza data base which is roughly 16M rows. It fails to run every time. This file is made up of 5 markets. If I filter on the individual markets, I can create 5 hyper extracts. But I have no luck in creating the hyper extract with all the markets. The resulting combined extract should be half the size of the original file as I am doing aggregations.  I am using version 2018.3. Anyone facing a similar problem?

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          Angel Sinha

          Hi Sam,


          Tableau Prep can definitely handle >12M rows. One of my workflows generates ~500M rows.


          You might be facing the issue probably because of lesser Memory in your machine. From my understanding, Tableau Prep creates temporary tables on the local machine during the flow execution. Note that If your workflow contains data cleansing steps and data manipulation steps,joins, unions etc all those operations will be handled by your local machine. If Tableau prep is installed on the C: Drive, you need to ensure that your C: Drive has enough memory to accommodate the temporary tables.


          Hope this helps