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    Zero Lines Missing on the server

    murtaza farooqui

      Good Morning,


      I have a dashboard, in which I added zero lines to one of the sheets. When the dashboard is published on the server the zero lines go missing.


      I came to know it is the server and Desktop compatible issue as i was using 2018.3 and the server was 2018.1.


      I exported the workbook to 2018.1 and again re-published it still the problem exists.


      Has anyone faced this issue or has a solution for this..??


      Tableau really needs to step up its Game.



      Below is the screen shot of the Zero Lines.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Murtaza,


          Please supply a packaged workbook that duplicates this issue when published.  I have one included here using superstore data and I have the published version of this on Tableau Public

          Tableau Public


          With a workbook, we can help determine what aspect of the setup is done that is causing the server to not show 0 on the axis.


          Thank you



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            Wannie Wong



            I am also experiencing the same issue. I have formatted my zero line "Black" & "Medium size". Somehow, the zero line shows up on desktop (top) but not on server (bottom). Patrick Van Der Hyde 's "Test of 0 on Axis Server" file worked perfectly on both desktop and server when I tried to mimic the issue using his file. It does not seem to be a version issue either as I have tried downgrading my file to match the server's version. However, I still cannot figure out the cause of the zero line disappearing after uploading to server. I have attached an example of the file I am working on. Any help will be appreciated!


            Thank you in advance,