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    Football Passing Network

    James Garcia

      Hi Community,

      I am trying to build a Football Passing Network in order to show the location of the players on the pitch and how many passes each one of them made between each player.

      I tried to do it based on airplain routes but I can't get the lines to appear.

      I have two Excel sheets that I joined together, one with the player name and location and one with a passing matrix and unique identifier which I created as calculation field.

      Attached it the .twbx and the excel that I a using and also a screenshot of what my goal is.

      I used Tableau version: 2018.3


      Thanks in advance

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          Ravi Mistry

          Hi James,


          I love this stuff! The issue you're having is related to data structure:



          The sort of structure you want is as shown above, where there are two lines per pass, to assign each node


          Does this make sense?

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            James Garcia

            Thanks Ravi Mistry for the quick response.

            I am able now to see lines, however, this is not exactly what I want to achieve as I want to see how many time player X passes to Player Y and the other way around.

            In this solution, I have only one line and not two.

            As I will have 15+ players I can't use a pie chart to show it similar to the example you shared with me.

            Any idea how the best to show it?