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    Performance of tableau

    Roshan Bisnath

      Tableau 10.2

      Windows Desktop




      Can anyone please suggest what may cause extreme slowness when opening a report on Tableau? On 1 PC it is fast whereas on most other PCs report is very slow(takes time to load)


      Many thanks,



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          Hi Roshan


          Are the computers the same or do their hardware differ?


          To start with, I would open up Task Manager > Performance (may vary depending on OS) and check out how Tableau behaves or if each computer's hardware is occupied differently.

          It can look like this (left is Win 8, right is Win 10):

          Image result for task manager performance



          Alternatively, I would go for recording the workbook performance on a fast and a slow machine and then compare the results.

          You can find the option for performance recording here:


          Record a few minutes using different features but do the same things on each machine. Then compare each report (a report is automatically created upon stopping recording).

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            Roshan Bisnath



            thanks a lot for the info.


            I will definitely try it  and let you know.





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              Roshan Bisnath



              I recently restored a backup of Tableau 10.2 to 2018.1


              I would like to know the performance difference from 10.2 with 2018.1 when opening workbooks on Tableau.


              the above test is only for tableau Desktop.


              Please advise.